Elephant’s Dream »

Kinshasa’s roaring traffic, Chinese investors’ shenanigans and politicians’ rhetorics about Kongo’s modernization are left behind, as Belgian director Kristof Bilsen points his lingering camera at the absurd everyday lives of the workers in the city’s main post office, fire department and the secluded railway station. The public sector of the third biggest city in Africa […]

A Cup of Tea »

Gunnar is in the throes of an existential crisis. To medicate – or to celebrate – the crisis, he wants to build a Japanese tea room in the middle of a Norwegian forest. Gunnar is a fan of Wabi-sabi: a Japanese philosophy finding beauty in imperfection. Its main ingredients are transience, modesty and unconventionality, and […]

Beltrachhi – Art of Forgery »

History knows the tale of a few brilliant art forgers but Wolfgang Beltracchi is in a league of his own. He does not copy valuable paintings but instead goes inside the dead artist’s mind: for 40 years he painted paintings, imitating the style of the artists of the 20th century, and sold them as lost […]