Last Limousine »

ZIL Limousines were the crowning glory of Soviet car industry: they were hand-made luxury cars, used for transporting the government elite. After Perestroika the manufacturing of the limousines waned, until there came a surprising request of order. Text: Marjatta Möttölä / Translation: Katri Tenhola Language: Russian Subtitles: English

The August Revolution »

Reijo Nikkilä was again in the middle of heated events when Moscow was in turmoil. The film follows fundamentalist communists led by vice-president Gennady Yanayev attempting a coup d’état in August 1991 against Gorbachev’s reformist regime.

My Name Is Salt »

Year after year tens of thousands of Indians wander into the desert to cultivate salt. In the middle of nowhere, captured by the infinite horizon and brutal sun, the cracking soil turns into mud which produces salt crystals. The salt collectors, working in a hypnotic rhythm, challenge nature while molding the earth with the help […]

Nathan – Free as a Bird »

The 44-year-old Belgian, Nathan Verheist wants to die and end the mental suffering he has lived with for his entire life. He was born a girl into a family where he was never loved. At the age of 42, Nathan officially became a man, but the sex reassignments surgeries made after this did not succeed. […]

Prague 21.8.1968 »

Reijo Nikkilä was in Prague studying the Czech language when on 21 August 1968 the tanks of the Warsaw Pact rolled onto the streets and ended all calls for freedom of speech and humane socialism. Nikkilä also took to the streets with his camera and 30 years later compiled his footage into a film.

Sleepless in New York »

Sleepless in New York is a consoling documentary about an inconsolable topic: the crash after love. People, surrounded by the big city landscape, are contemplating the tragedy of being dumped and the difficulty of letting go. The main characters find themselves on the brink of desperation which wakes them up at night, causes physical pain […]

Ming of Harlem: Twenty One Storeys in the Air »

New Yorker Antoine Yates loves animals. He loves them so unconditionally that he shared his apartment in Harlem with Ming and Ali, a full-grown Bengal tiger and an alligator respectively. In 2003 their solace was disrupted when the trio’s living arrangement caught the attention of city officials. Their cover was blown when Ming bit into […]

From the Depths »

Depicting Italy’s only coalmine fighting for its life, From the Depths glides like hypnotic poetry hinting at a superhuman force hovering around the mineworkers’ struggle. Tension builds on the threat of the mine being closed – for reasons devoid of any tangible connection to the life underground. The mine has been a part of workers’ […]