Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait »

YouTube videos tell a thousand and one stories from the middle of the Syrian Civil War. Resolution in these mobile videos is low, but high definition is really not needed to convey the insanity of war. Text: Sanni Myllyaho / Translation: Tapio Reinekoski Language: Arabic Subtitles: English

Last Limousine »

ZIL Limousines were the crowning glory of Soviet car industry: they were hand-made luxury cars, used for transporting the government elite. After Perestroika the manufacturing of the limousines waned, until there came a surprising request of order. Text: Marjatta Möttölä / Translation: Katri Tenhola Language: Russian Subtitles: English

The August Revolution »

Reijo Nikkilä was again in the middle of heated events when Moscow was in turmoil. The film follows fundamentalist communists led by vice-president Gennady Yanayev attempting a coup d’état in August 1991 against Gorbachev’s reformist regime.

My Name Is Salt »

Year after year tens of thousands of Indians wander into the desert to cultivate salt. In the middle of nowhere, captured by the infinite horizon and brutal sun, the cracking soil turns into mud which produces salt crystals. The salt collectors, working in a hypnotic rhythm, challenge nature while molding the earth with the help […]

Nathan – Free as a Bird »

The 44-year-old Belgian, Nathan Verheist wants to die and end the mental suffering he has lived with for his entire life. He was born a girl into a family where he was never loved. At the age of 42, Nathan officially became a man, but the sex reassignments surgeries made after this did not succeed. […]

See No Evil »

Cheeta is celebrating his birthday. There is cake, candles and an audience. The chimp turns 80 – even though he was born in the 1960s. The animal does not know how to tell about his past. The animal cannot tell that he actually hasn’t acted in any of the Tarzan films. The animal is celebrated […]

Walking Under Water »

Everyone who has experienced scuba diving or even snorkelling knows that laws of the land do not apply underwater. This is what Alexan, a landless Bajau in the waters of Borneo, Philippines and Indonesia, tries to teach his nephew Sari. On his first fishing trip, Sari is taught the basics of the livelihood of the […]

Stray Dog »

Ron “Stray Dog” Hall is a great-grandfather, a loving husband and an animal-lover. He is also a Vietnam veteran who still wakes up at nights screaming with terror. With his Mexican wife, Alicia, Stray Dog travels the country on his motorcycle honouring the memory of those lost in the wars. Should the viewer harbour any […]