Stray Dog »

Ron “Stray Dog” Hall is a great-grandfather, a loving husband and an animal-lover. He is also a Vietnam veteran who still wakes up at nights screaming with terror. With his Mexican wife, Alicia, Stray Dog travels the country on his motorcycle honouring the memory of those lost in the wars. Should the viewer harbour any […]

Penthouse North »

‘It is my life and my curse,’ describes the 61-year old Swedish woman, Agneta Eckemyr, her home, Penthouse North. She has lived in the rental flat next to New York’s Central Park for over 40 years. The flat has become a part of identity for this former top model, actress and clothing designer. It is […]

Pixadores »

Pixadores are a group of young men from the São Paulo favelas. They paint their message on incredible locations to fight the society that’s suppressing them. An invitation to the Berlin Biennale changes everything for the outcasts. Their art, however, won’t fit the frames provided by the establishment. As the men’s world expands outside the […]

In The Basement »

An Austrian’s cellar is sacred for her. It’s a space for letting obsessions and identities loose, a place to drop all facades between self and the world. If the living room is the home’s showroom, the cellar symbolises basic humanity: hobbies, friendships and even the most unspoken perversions that are acted out literally underground. The […]

Bronx Obama »

In 2008, unemployed Louis Ortiz learns about his big-eared doppelganger who is running for the White House. Ortiz is only a shave away from starting a new career as an Obama impersonator. The Bronx Obama embarks on a comedic 2012 election rally from the tourist-laden Times Square with a slightly bloated ”Bill Clinton”. As President […]

Pelican in the Desert »

In the eastern border of European Union lies Latgallia. It is the only catholic area in otherwise protestant Latvia. Before the holocaust it was also home for the Jiddish speaking Jews. In this calm and beautifully shot film the past is present as memories, and the future is soon to disappear. Text: Katri Tenhola Languages: […]

Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown »

James Brown has come a long way: A boy from a poor and troubled family rose to the top of the music world and became the godfather of soul. Interviews, photographs and concerts hit the beat as we follow his journey from rhythm and blues to funk. Text: Sanni Myllyaho / Translation: Katri Tenhola

35 Cows and a Kalashnikov »

35 Cows and a Kalashnikov is a joyously made triptych about warrior-farmers, colorful dandies and voodoo wrestlers in Ethiopia, Brazzaville and Kinshasa. It paints a loving and attentive portrait of African pride and beauty. Among the secluded Ethiopian Surma, skilful and artistic body paintings form an essential part of the tribe´s rituals. So do their […]

Euromaidan. Rough Cut »

Playing the lead in Euromaidan is a group of Ukrainian protesters, who are met with gunfire by Viktor Yanukovych’s crumbling regime. Cameras recording the events wind up in the middle of a bloody revolution. Languages: Ukranian, Russian Subtitles: English