Queen of Silence »

Denisa, 10, is deaf, has never learnt to speak and she’s a member of the most discriminated minority group in Europe. Still, she dances beautifully and smiles as wide as she can. Denisa is taken by Bollywood, and in order to escape the harsh reality around her, she gets lost in films. As Polska Roma, […]

Waiting for August »

A Romanian mother leaves for Torino, Italy, to support her big family. The standards of living improve, but her absence weighs heavy on the oldest daughter, whose days are suddenly filled with cleaning, cooking and babysitting. Text: Anton Vanha-Majamaa / Translation: Katri Tenhola Languages: Romanian Translation: English

Children 404 »

It takes guts to range against the institutionalized homophobia in Russia. When President Putin signed the law that forbids spreading “propaganda” for “non-traditional sexual relationships” to underaged, citizens got practically a state permission to ostracize LGTB people. Teachers and nurses have been fined for supporting teenagers belonging to sexual minorities. Children 404 is a web […]